Pool Salt Clorinators by Jandy - Aqua Pure, Duo Clear and More

Salt Chlorinators use small amount of natural salt (Sodium Chloride) is dissolved into the water (becoming about half as salty as a human teardrop). The system's electrolytic cell is plumbed directly in-line with the pool equipment. The power control unit is wired to the pool timer so it purifies the water when the pump is running. The power control unit can be adjusted to the desired level of purifier production. As the water flows through the electrolytic cell, electrolysis separates the saline into its basic components, sodium and chloride. Chlorine gas is produced by this process and goes to work in the cell chamber to oxidize bacteria and purify the pool water. Following this process most of the chloride and sodium re-bond and become natural salt again.  With this form of sanitation you do not need to add any chlorine to your pool water. This differs from the other methods we will consider as they all require a small amount of chlorine "residual", or equivalent there of (i.e. non-chlorine shock), to function properly.  
AquaPure Salt Chlorinators   Clearwater LM3 Series



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